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Pure Glacier Vodka

Join us to explore our Ultra Premium Glacier Vodka, handcrafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients and the purest Swiss Glacier Water at century-old distillery nestled in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the pristine Swiss Alps. 

Vodka57 Simply The Best
VODKA7 Tradition

VODKA57 adopts a classical distillation method passing through 5 Distillations and  7 Filtrations at Sub-Zero temperatures to eliminate even the tiniest impurity.

Classical Distillation Methods

VODKA57 is specially handcrafted in small batches, embracing the heritage of the Dorrucci Lineage tradition dating back to the 14th century.


VODKA57 Harvest

VODKA57 journey begins amidst the idyllic hillsides of France, where only the finest winter wheat is harvested.

From the Hillsides of France

VODKA57 wheat is grown and harvested with the upmost care taking pride in our commitment to support sustainable agriculture.


VODKA57 Essence

VODKA57 essence is masterfully blended using the purest shimmering Glacier Water from the heart of Switzerland, conferring an exceptionally smooth finish.

The Purest Glacier Water

VODKA57 is handcrafted in one of the oldest distilleries in Switzerland, nestled in the spectacular Swiss Alps and immersed in the pristine UNESCO Biosphere Reserve protecting over 9,000 hectares of valleys and mountains reaching an altitude of 2,350m.


VODKA57 Inspiration

Historically symbolizing power, protection, authority, strength, and courage, the Accolade Sword, worthy of the Grand Master, was used to knight royal members into their order.

The Accolade Sword

VODKA57 unique bottle was created by Italian designer taking inspiration from the magnificent Accolade Arming Sword of the Medieval era.


VODKA57 Tasting

With a captivating shimmering appearance, a delightful flora aroma, an exceptionally silky palate and a delicate lingering finish, VODKA57 is just perfect the way you like it. We love it in its purest form, neat, chilled and poured in frozen glass. Simply The Best!

The Tasting Notes

VODKA57 Tasting
VODKA57 Lineage

Dorrucci Group is a humanistic organization founded by Giulio Dorrucci, who hails as direct descendent from the Dorrucci Lineage originating in Central Italy tracing its origin to the 14th century. Throughout generations the Dorrucci Lineage has seen the rise of illustrious nobles, politicians, poets, clerics, generals, and war heroes. The Dorrucci Group activities span across Sustainable Tourism, Green Energy, Remote Healthcare, Community Media and Heritage Brands.

The History

Dorrucci Grest
VODKA57 Contact

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